What Moves Me To Make Photos

What Moves Me To Make Photos

Once upon a time, that was not actually that long ago, I was convinced that turning my love for photography into a career was 100% not possible. Sure, I loved taking photos. Actually, more then loved. I was epicly moved by joy every time I pulled out my camera. But my overly practical brain convinced me that passion wasn't practical enough and "the arts" was not a viable career path. What it was really saying is I'm so freakin' scared - so wait!

But here I am, pursuing adventure and my passion. Some days it still surprises me. It took a long time, and a couple close misses, but when I finally realized how ingrained photography was in my life I knew I'd always be compelled to make photos.

Photography is how I see and experience the world

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Hiding under my childhood dresser are albums stuffed with silly snaps from my elementary years. As soon as my 9 year old hands got hold of a camera I've been doggedly documenting my friends, much to their annoyance. And I kept everything! Prints that are way underexposed, or accidental pocket shots, and tons that are too blurry. I even still have my first corrupted hard drive filled with unrecoverable silly shots and experiments from my early digital days that I'm unwilling to let go of. I like to think of that disk as my lost years - 7 years of lost photos from before I learned how to properly back-up my work (7 years worth of reasons why you should be printing your photos! But more on that in another post).

After all this time living day-to-day life through my photos, it has evolved to be how I see the world. Everywhere I go I notice how the light falls, how strangers walk in and out of my view, and in my mind I'm creating little frames around these moments.


Early in our grand adventure I started getting intensely disappointed by the reality of the photos I was making. I'd shoot daily as we wandered but weeks later when I'd review what I'd shot the disappointment would set in cause the gems I remember snapping just weren’t there. Eventually, I realized the gem photos I was looking for on my SD card had never made the journey from my eye to my camera. I was seeing beautiful moments in our travels and forgetting to actually pull out the camera and create the photo I saw in my head.

Weeks later I still had the memory of the photo but no physical trace.

With or without my camera I spend my days making photos. It's been a wild adventure to accept that this one constant in my life is probably not going anywhere soon. But now there's nothing to stop me exploring this passion!

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Film scans: England & Boise, 2001-03
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