I believe in adventuring through life


I promise it's easy

Start by treasuring all those little moments, cause they'll add up to a life built of what you love.


The photos that we keep help us vividly recall our favorite moments and tell the saga of our adventures.

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I’ve been a photographer of human connections since my silly Nintendo 64 camera, 18 years ago. I’m inspired by movement, color and light. But capturing real connection thrills me.

Along the way, taking photos has become my passion, my creative outlet, and pure joy. I seek out simple scenes for their little moments and crowded places for their big feelings.

My Clients Are My Friends.
My Friends Are Joyful, Honest, Adventurers.
My Friends Are My Family.

Your photo session with me will be an adventure. 

It'll be about having fun and moving. 
It'll be about feeling real in this moment. 
All you have to do is breath deep and say yes.



I'm a wanderer and a dreamer

I'm always thinking up the next adventure.

The possibilities are endless so why not try everything. Even with a year in South America I left the continent with a list of things still to see, so I can't wait to go back.

My mind is constantly humming - usually a little too much. I've got a lot of quirky million-dollar ideas that I'm waiting for someone else to invent (like programmable wallpaper). I'm inspired by the mystery in daily life, which usually looks like me quietly staring at everything.

I'm a listener and collect stories instead of action figures. Late night reading sessions can easily stretch to those first few moments of daylight - but no worries, I've got some epic napping skills. 

The only answer I remember giving in childhood to the ever looming "what do you want to be when you grow up" conundrum was: happy. While it wasn't what they wanted to hear it's now what guides me.

I'm committing myself to creating a life I love - and I promise it's a daily struggle. But nothing could be more worth it. So if you want to have fun, you're in the right place.


my (other) joys

Anything Yellow
Harry Potter Series
Beautiful Places
Fluffy Clouds



Where To Next?