Why Are You Waiting For Marriage?! | The Importance Of Couples Photography

Why Are You Waiting For Marriage?! | The Importance Of Couples Photography


Why Today is the best time to Photograph Your Love

I completely believe in photography for any reason, and especially photography for no reason at all. But most couples today waste time waiting until they're engaged before they considered professional photography. I've always been a numbers gal, so let's start with some data on why waiting to capture your love is just silly.

Marriage rates are near an all time low

Less people than ever (like maybe you) are getting married at all right now. But those who do decide to walk down the aisle are, on average, waiting till later in their lives to do this. If you're anything like me, this data is something you can see in the real lives of your friends and peers.


2013 - Women: 27 & Men:  29

1990 - Women: 23 & Men: 26

1960 - Women: 20 & Men: 22

But choosing to not getting married yet does not mean we're not falling in love. Couples are spending 4.9 years together on average before tying the knot. As someone who just celebrated 6 years together (with no wedding bells in sight) I think this average could still be rising!

Love = Love

Your wedding used to be the gateway into this crazy adult world. And wedding photos marked the beginning of that new adult life.

Nowadays, the wedding is more like the crowning jewel of adulthood. Once you've got the degree, job, house, puppy (or preferably kitten), and committed relationship under your belt you can top it off with friends and family at a wedding of your dreams.

So what are you doing to remember those 5 years in-between meeting your love and figuring out you might actually want to walk down the aisle with them?

Stop thinking blurry phone selfies are enough!

As a photographer in this digital age I'm so freakin' excited that I can always have a good enough camera in my pocket. But I don't pretend to think that the silly selfies we snap when we're bored fully capture the depth of the love I feel for my partner.

These selfies also won't fill the frames I have covered my house in (seriously - I decorated my house with empty picture frames). They're fun, but not beautiful, and not even close to the quality needed for a photo print that will last for decades.

You deserve beautifully captured images of your love

This is a luxury and you've earned it. As Kesha says, "Some day, these will be the good old days … You'll miss the magic of these good old days".

I don't want you to wait or miss out. So this summer I'm offering Date Night Mini Sessions to take all the hassle out of photography. We can sneak these photos in-between work and your night out so you'll never look at date night the same!

Date Night Mini Sessions

30 minutes
10 web sized photos
online Sharing gallery
fun & adventure

memories that will last a lifetime
Only 6 spots available!

If you're ready to create memories of your love today contact me below to schedule a Date Night Mini Session!

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Do you love data too? Dive into a couple of the articles I read to inform this post below:
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Bridebook.co.uk Marriage Report, 2017

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