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Weddings are for celebrating HAPPINESS with those who love us most

Your special day should be full of magic and merrymaking. Cause it's not just for the two of you, or the new life you're going to create together. Your wedding is about the convergence of community - about your friends and family who hold up and help your love flourish. You should be reveling with them, not worrying about the details. So, don't worry cause i've got you.

I’m here to be your friend and part of your family - to be by your side, hold your dress or adjust your tie and to revel in the moments with you. I’m always an extra pair of hands when you need it and a fly on the wall when you don’t.

But more than that, I’m just here for you. I’m looking out for your real moments that mark the beginning of your new adventure together. When I capture weddings my goal is to be there for the moments that mean so much to us, but pass in an instant. The little detail that we don't want to lose in the bustle of the day.


what does a wedding with me feel like?

Let's start with relaxed. Way before you ever start to worry about timelines or logistics I'll talk you through the big things.

How you do you want to feel on your wedding day?
What moments do you never want to forget?  
Who has to be there?

Those big feelings guide me as I approach your day - creatively and practically. I'm kind of a planning addict, so we'll pin down all those musta's that are probably cluttering up your to-do list early on. Cause your wedding day is just for being giddy with your loved ones. 

For most of your day I'm a wallflower - documenting your real moments, however silly or honest they are. Cause that's what matters most, right! I'll watch the clock so you don't have to, organize what's needed and party when it's time. We'll sneak away for a spell cause that's when the day really sinks in. That your wedding day, and the crazyness of it all, is just the first day of a whole new life that's just about the love you two share. 


I want to know what makes your love special.

So when you're ready, reach out and lets get to know each other.

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