Boise Foothills Engagement Photos | Ashley + Levi

Boise Foothills Engagement Photos | Ashley + Levi

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Four years ago they both started a journey to make an impact on other's lives and quickly changed the trajectory of their own. Amidst the chaos of their first year teaching Ashley and Levi found each other. Through busy times, early mornings and working on weekends they created the space to fall in love while fighting for equality in the education system.

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This love has brought them across the country and opened doors to new friendships, opportunities and a lifetime to learn from each other.

We started off exploring Freak Alley and all the street art that fills downtown Boise. 

These two are recent transplants to Boise from South Carolina so I got to introduce them to the Boise foothills out at Military Reserve.

Ashley and Levi prefer to spend time together running, bike riding, and playing with their adorable dog, Millie. Oh yea, and playing board games!

Speaking of Millie,  she had a blast running - and pulling - along the trails.

Life has become a lot more settled for these two since these golden early-fall days - they just became homeowners!

Thank you so much for trusting me on this little adventure. I'm so thrilled to have you in Boise. Welcome Idahahome :)

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