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I'm not sure if I got into photography because of a camera or in despite of it but at age 8 I just knew I had to have that 35mm Nintendo 64 film camera out of the plethora of toy options lining the shelves. I might have known that day that I was ready to dedicate myself to a career, but more likely my obsession with playing Pokémon on my Game Boy Color won out.

Despite the consistent unreliability of that plastic contraption, I continued to delight in each roll that came back (which was maybe one out of three). Over the years my cameras changed but my love for capturing a moment, and making all my friends uncomfortable, remained.  

After 17 years of passion I finally decided to give in, and work towards doing what makes me the happiest. I delight in creating authentic moments that truly capture the intense connections we feel towards to one another. In my free time I hunt out the beauty in everyday life and would love the chance to find that beauty in yours as well. If you're looking to have fun creating memories for years to come, give me a shout!

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